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Tours in Bhutan

Darjeeling, Sikkim & Bhutan (SIK-BHU-20)
Darjeeling , once a British summer resort, is equally famous for its tea and its ‘toy' railway. Sikkim 's ties with Lhasa have always been strong as it lies on a major trade route between China and India and tall, white banner-like prayer flags are a prominent feature of both the Sikkimese and Bhutanese landscapes.

Magicial Western Bhutan (BHU-MAG-8)
A glimpse of a magical world where past and present merge, where traditions live and where the spiritual and material are undistinguished and indivisible aspects of every facet of life.


Splendors of Western Bhutan (BHU-SPL-11)
Thickly forested valleys, snow-capped mountains, colorful prayer flags fluttering in the breeze, maroon robed monks and architecture from another age. This is Bhutan, a kingdom that has long maintained its independence and isolation from the outside world and so preserved a fascinating Himalayan culture and tradition.


Land of the Thunder Dragon (BHU-DIS-14)
Little touched by the outside world the traditions of art and architecture and, most importantly, religion are upheld. The modern world is admitted only cautiously. The result allows you an encounter with a stunning, pristine landscape of forest and mountains, a proud, friendly people and a vibrant, living religious tradition.


Bumthang Festival Tour (BHU-BUM-14)
Each monastery or dzong holds an annual festival, Tsechu, which instructs onlookers in the Buddhist teachings, gains them merit and acts as an important social occasion. The valleys of Bumthang are the heart of central Bhutan , their incredible beauty highlighted by numerous palaces, ancient temples and monasteries.

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