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Gu-ge Extension (GUX-4)

Discover the artistic treasures of the Gu-ge Kingdom
The Kingdom of Gu-ge ruled western Tibet from the 9 th to the 17 th centuries. Its strong links with India and Ladakh made Gu-ge the instigator of the Buddhist revival on the Tibetan Plateau. There were once over 100 monasteries in this area, particularly famous for their incredible art.

And apart from the history, the area is scenically spectacular. The Sutjej River cuts through the valley with its amazing eroded sides.

Where are you going?

Day 1 : Drive from Darchen to Namru, making a short detour to the hot springs at Tirthapuri.

Day 2 : The drive to Tsamda zigzags over passes and through fantastically eroded gullies to the Sutlej Valley. Here the monastic complex of Tholing was founded in the 10 th century and here Atisha spent 3 years before traveling to central Tibet. Whilst much of the complex was destroyed during the 1960s, three buildings and some incredible wall murals survive.

Day 3 : Tsaparang was once capital of Gu-ge and it is an amazing place, seemingly built into the very structure of the landscape. As well as the surreal landscape Tsaparang is renowned for its marvelous tantric wall murals.

Day 4 : Long days' drive back to Darchen.

Note: Please note that the published itinerary is a statement of intent and to be used as a guide only. The guide in charge of your trip will alter the schedule if conditions necessitate and any/all such alterations are at the discretion of Royal Mt. Trekking and your guide.


Day Altitude
Darchen - Namru
Tsaparang - Tsamda

This 4-day extension may be added to any Kailash itinerary. We suggest you visit Gu-ge before making the Kailash kora as the extra days’ acclimatization will help make the trek easier.

Trip Grade: Moderate
Duration: 4 day extension
Trip style: Camp / Guest House
Best time to go: May- October

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